i.Farm has technology that fits, regardless of your size.

Why i.Farm

With over 30 years of ‘in the field’ experience, i.Farm has technology that fits, regardless of your size. Our approach to farm payroll is to give you the right information, while reducing the steps of complexity to get there.

Our Support

  • The support matters more than the software. And the software better be right.

  • When it’s time for payroll, and you have a question, the only answer is ‘I’ll be there’.

  • Payroll mistakes aren’t simple, because they break trust and cause headaches.

    why our Support is Better:
  • We can't tell you about our support.Listen to what our farmers say about us.

  • When you call we will do everything we can to help you. We will both know if you need us there, and you won't have to ask to get us driving to the field, or on the next plane.We take this seriously.

  • If a person is in a line, they aren't working. If we don't shrink your lines, show us, and we'll figure out.

  • We literally installed a crash test dummy into all of our softwareto watch for problems.If something bad happens, it immediately bypasses you, our support, and lands to an alarm system in front of the engineers. you might have to restart the software, and we'll be making sure it doesn't happen again without you having to tell us what happened.

  • If it takes more than 5 mins to show somebody how to use it, send it back to the drawing board.

Software Pricing

  • The price of our software is up front, published so everybody can see it, & fair across the board. We’re not going to look at the number of pickups in your driveway and negotiate with you like a car salesman.

  • Our price is based on an average of what it cost us to provide support. If you need more hands on, we’re going to jump in and do it, but we’re going to bill you for it. If it’s our fault, we’ll eat it.

Technology we use

All of our technology is built on best in class computing systems. If your IT folks want to talk nerd gibberish to our engineers, have them at the demo or send an email. We’ll try to satisfy them. If they insist on more before they show up, tell them it’s built on MongoDB Atlas, AWS, Rails, Swift, and makes good use of the neural coprocessor built into Apples new Bionic chip. If they know what all of those things are, pat them on the back cause they are real geeks.