First day

Hiring - simplified

What you get

This will help you finish employee registration sooner and have the computer updated, all in record time. No manual entry of hand-written forms. Export all the employees from firstDay and import them into your payroll system at once. No need for additional filing, it’s all done!

firstDay will fill in tax forms, assign employee numbers and generate ID badges; all within the app, by scanning an ID and answering a few questions. This allows you to hire in the field and get straight to work!

How Does firstDay Application work?

Instantly scans all of their documents

Social Security Card, Driver’s License, Visa, Passport, Resident, etc.

Asks a couple of
relevant questions

Withholding, Citizenship

Automatically fills out I-9, W-4 and other forms

Let’s the employee electronically sign

  • Exports the data for your payroll software (updated all the time, Just ask what programs are compatible.)
  • Stores the documents electronically with encryption for security.
  • Customized forms can be added.