Harvest Clock has 30 years of field experience. It’s ready for you!

What you get

Harvest Clock is going to track your hourly and piece rate work, keep you compliant, and provide a view into your production and payroll. It’s going to show you who your best employees are, and actively help you to sort people who aren’t cut out for the job.

Harvest Clock plays umpire to your payroll game. Every day, it’s checking to see who made minimum wage and who didn’t. Kind of like baseball, at 3 strikes, you’re OUT!! Of course we can dial it back, play softball and let things slide, but why be subtle?


Track pieces & hours per job

Track pieces and hours per job/ variety/location/size/etc by shift?


Pay on weight

Want to pay on weight, with a scale, but later?


Pay a group of employees

by how much they put in a bin, weigh the bin later, then track it back to the tree after you get a call from your customer than they just bit into a worm?

Yea, we’re that good

Want to know more? Ask for the demo!

Harvest Clock relies on a ‘rivulet of time’ model, we never create or close jobs. We only record what is happening at the time the employee is with the clerk. Our backend software intelligently stitches those entries together using barcodes, timestamps, GPS data and some fancy logicto produce a timecard that makes sense. Your payroll staff is going to love us.

Application Link: Harvest Clock

In 2020, Harvest Clock is fundamentally different than any other barcode / piece rate / mobile timeclock system. Most of our competitors require somebody to create a job, have employees check into and out of a job, scan some pieces if there is a piece rate component, then review everything on the backend and make corrections. Before you can do payroll, you have to close the jobs. Effectively all they did is copy a paper process to a computer.

Backend admin panel: Harvest clock Backend

How much?


  • $500 / Phone / Year (discounts start at 20+ phones)

  • Unlimited employees, fields, bins, crops, varieties, etc

  • Additional fees for integration, onsite and extended support


  • We run on iPhone.

  • We support inexpensive receipt printers you can get on Amazon for $100 that use receipt paper you can get at Office Depot.

  • If you pay on weight, our scale integration is flawless, and we can run for days on batteries.




Harvest Clock started in the 90’s on an Apple Newton. It started on Jackass Mt Ranch in Pasco, WA and its only job was to count the number of boxes each employee harvested, using a barcode to identify the employee.

Since then, we have written, re-written, and written again the software. The current Harvest Clock is our 6th major revision in 30 years of operation.