The app saves the data locally and syncs with the server when connectivity is available.

First, download the application from the iTunes App store. We strongly recommend any iPhone version 5 or above and make sure you have iOS version 9 or above.

Create an account with the ‘Signup’ button at the bottom of the screen. Fill out your information and save it. We’ll send you an email with an activation link. Open your email, activate the account, and then you can either log into your iPhone or into the web client at

When the application initially launches, it requests you to set up some basic options. You should make sure that the ‘Allow Manual Entry’ button is to the right, you select a unit by clicking ‘Units’ and picking a ‘Bucket’, putting a price (example 5) into Price Per Unit. Then hit ‘Done’ at the top right. You’ll need to select a location and a season. From there you’ll be taken to the main scanning screen.

There are 5 buttons on the bottom of the screen. Here is what they are suppose to do:

Payroll: The payroll screen allows the user to enter an employee number either manually or by scanning a QR Code. You can enter any 4 digit number as a valid employee number. (Example 1234) Then you hit a number of boxes the employee has harvested. Then you hit save. If you are connected over WIFI or Cellular, the record is sent to our server.

Records: The records button at the bottom of the screen allows the user to display records recorded on the device. You can enter an employee number (for example, 1234) and then hit search. If nothing shows up, you can ‘drag’ (put your finger in the middle of the screen and drag down, wait for a couple of seconds and release) and this will pull records from our server. You can click on records to void them. You can also reprint the records if you have a printer connected.

Device List: This shows you all of the other iPhones that have been connected to our application. You can adjust settings on those devices if you have administrative privileges. You can also remove the device completely from the application.

Reports: Custom reports of the data are available if the customer sets them up on the server side.

Settings: You can edit settings for the application by hitting the settings button at the bottom of the screen. The password is 12345. Here you can set whether or not a user can manually enter employee numbers, the of unit to harvest, how much is paid, and various printer options. You can also unregister the client from the server, sync the records, print all of the records if a printer is connected, and clear all of the local records.
– In order to print a receipt, you need to activate the option from payroll settings and connect to a GPrinter BLE Printer. We use the following model:

– You can either enter an employee id manually(Activate this from Payroll settings) or scan it from a QR by clicking on ‘Employee ID’ in the Payroll tab. The employee ID should be a 4 digit numerical value.

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