Harvest Clock is the best solution for farms of all size to track hand harvested crops. This software allows you to assign each employee a QR Code (fancy barcode) that is scanned by the camera in the iPhone. After the employee is scanned, you tap the number of boxes picked and save the record. If you harvest into bins and have bin tickets you can scan that as well. An optional receipt printer will print the employee a receipt. Cellular connectivity sends the tickets immediately into secure servers in real time. The tickets are instantly transformed into real time reports that allow you to monitor your harvest up to the minute. Export the harvest data into multiple formats that can be used for payroll.

Harvest Clock allows doubles as a time clock system so you can track employees doing hourly tasks as well. Multiple jobs and tasks are configurable so you can track time associated with each job.

Harvest Clock uses the connected server to help prevent payroll fraud in the field. If one payrol clerk notices a quality problem, or suspects duplicate entries, it sends a notice to all the other payroll clerks using Harvest Clock allowing them to work together to keep your records accurate and fair.


    • Hi Tim,

      We’ve reached out to Famous to get their import/export format, so that we can be ready for this coming year’s harvest.


      -i.farm team

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